Policy on Children in Productions

The following statement can be downloaded here in Word Format or here in PDF format.

Bovingdon Players is committed to compliance with all legislation and guidance affecting the staging of productions, including the Children’s Act 1989, which sets out requirements for protecting the welfare of children.  The Players subscribe to the Code of Good Practice which has been developed in order to ensure the wellbeing of children in performances.  In order to meet its obligations, the following steps will be taken for each production in which children appear:

  • The director of the production will be licensed by the Local Authority for working with children, including a Criminal Records Bureau check

  • All rehearsals will be chaperoned by at least one adult in addition to the director.

  • During performances and dress rehearsals the children will be chaperoned at all times off stage by at least one member of the Players who has been licensed and who is not involved in the production.  The chaperone will solely be responsible for the welfare of the children and will  not undertake other duties before, during, or after the performance.

  • The Players will endeavour to ensure there are two licensed chaperones for performances, one of each sex, and if the number of children exceeds twelve, there will always be two chaperones. 

  • The children will be allocated a separate changing area for dressing, to which adult members of the cast and crew will not have access, except for the chaperone.  The children will not be permitted access to the adult dressing room.

  • No performance will extend beyond 10:30pm, and it will be the Players’ aim to conclude performances by 10pm.

  • Rehearsals will finish by 9pm on school nights wherever possible.

  • The days on which performances are held will not exceed 4 for any production.

  • The Players will ensure that no child appearing in a production has already participated in other unlicensed performances – other than school productions – in the previous six months.  (The Players cannot be held responsible for any additional performances which take place after the Players’ production which breach this rule.)

  • No child will be individually identified by name in any photographs.

  • The Players will ensure that all children are fit to appear on stage, that any child’s medical conditions are known to the director and all chaperones, and that the chaperones know how to handle any related problems.  (Please note, however, that the Players reserve the right to exclude a child from productions for their own safety where a medical condition carries any risk which the Players may not be able to manage.  This does not include disability.)

  • A register will be kept for each rehearsal and performance in order to ensure that all children are accounted for.

In order to ensure successful productions, the Players expect all actors involved to commit themselves
wholeheartedly to preparation and performance, and to participate in a certain amount of publicity. 

In particular we ask that actors, including children;

  • Come to all scheduled rehearsals, except where they have notified the director of pre-existing commitments prior to rehearsals beginning, or in exceptional circumstances, such as illness.

  • Attend the designated dress rehearsals without fail.

  • Learn all lines, songs etc. by the deadline notified (which will typically be between 4 and 6 weeks in advance of the first performance).

  • Are photographed for publicity purposes, including appearing in the programme, although children will be photographed only as part of a group, in suitable dress (including costume, where appropriate).  These photographs may appear on the Players’ website.  Children will not be individually identified

  • May be videoed for the purposes of a record of the production, for viewing by performers only.  No commercial use will be made of any such video, and it will not be made publicly available outside the members of the production.

Parents are asked to confirm that they accept these requirements
when accepting parts offered to their children.

Parents can download a  copy of the 'Form for Parents' here in Word format or here in PDF format