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I know it’s been a while since the last Newsletter, but a summer edition has hardly seemed appropriate recently, and unfortunately the committee continues to be a bit stretched.   Volunteers to supplement the new quartet are still eagerly sought (though rumours that we locked the AGM attendees in until more candidates came forward are entirely mischievous!).

The lack of Newsletter does not mean lack of activity however, as the sell-out murder mystery evening amply demonstrates.  Although the St Paul’s PTA gathering for The Mystery of Talbot Manor was a small one they were delighted with their evening’s entertainment and wrote us a very nice letter to say so – well done to director Iain et al and thanks to St Paul’s for hosting our merry band (and feeding them!). 

The Memorial Hall performance was packed out and the cunning cast and director arranged for a different murderer to be unveiled, so that any moles from the first performance would be thwarted.  Well done to Anna Murkowski who found out only a couple of days beforehand that she was in fact the evildoer after all and incorporated this seamlessly into her role!

No fewer than three newcomers joined us for this event, so I hope that they will stay with us for future productions.

A shoal of assorted Players and their offspring came along to the Watford Hollywood Bowl on 22nd June to show what they could do with a bowling ball.  The answer for some of us was largely embarrassing, and there was a distinct lack of female whizzes amongst the adults (apart from Imogen, it must be said), but tantrums were kept to a minimum and the pin-slayers were happily modest about their success.  Some of us headed on for a bite to eat afterwards and had a hilarious time wondering at one of the most clueless waiters in Watford, who seemed constantly bemused by the concept of noting and delivering food and drink orders….

There was almost as much hilarity at the AGM (OK, I may be puffing this slightly), largely due to the unexpectedly large turnout which meant that the cosy surroundings of the St Lawrence Church Office were stretched to the max.  Chair-sharing was narrowly avoided but it was extremely snug round the table!  We will be sending you the minutes in due course.  Special thanks must go to Sarah for sitting in the rain for half an hour to direct people towards the Office, which several of us would otherwise never have found (maybe you didn’t!, in which case, apologies, but it may have been just as well!).   And yes, several of us enjoyed excellent fish and chips from the Bovingdon chippie!

But enough of evenings past, and on to the forthcoming events!

Autumn production – King Lear, 22-24 November

The sounds of “Good my Liege”s and “You scurvy knave” have begun to drift across the fields of Boxmoor, indicating that Lionel Elton’s cast is getting its teeth into the Autumn production.  Since the last Newsletter I’m delighted to say that Carl Baker has joined the happy band as the Duke of Albany, though plenty of small parts are still available if you would like to try a snatch of Shakespeare.  It would be a shame to have to cut out any scenes needing extra hands, and there is a limit to the number of beards I am prepared to swap, so please do contact Lionel if you are interested (01494 726106/

Apologies to Nicky for telling everyone she is producing – in fact you should contact Lionel if you can help out in any way.

Rehearsals will be fully under way from September, so if you are in Bovingdon on a Wednesday night, do pop into the hall to have a laugh at the sword-fighting, or join us down the pub to hear how our tongues are handling all those unfamiliar words and phrases.

That painful plea for annual subs

I know you can’t believe that it’s time to pay your subs already (though for some of you might this be because you paid last year’s so late?!!!), but I’m afraid that they are now due.  A mere £20 standard membership and a trifling £10 for you valiant backstagers, or those who don’t want to tread the boards but like to stay informed.

You hate being nagged by me, I hate having to nag you, but there is a simple solution!  Send your cheque, payable to “Bovingdon Players” to me, and this can all go away till next year.  (Drop me a line for my address)   Please note that this Newsletter will only be sent to paid-up members in future.

2008 One Act Play Festival entry

We’re delighted to report that Liz Lewis has agreed to direct a one-act play for entry in next year’s Festival (and we hope it will also be seen in Bovingdon). 


Liz writes:

I am so pleased and excited at the prospect of directing this play for next year’s festival season.  It is challenging on all levels and I’m looking forward to putting together a great team, to showcase all the talent and expertise that I know we have in The Bovingdon Players. 

The play is a quirky comedy with surreal and eccentric touches, which I (and all those who helped me make the final choice of play) think will be great fun for us all to produce. 

There will be something to appeal to everyone whatever your interests and talents.  On stage are five characters of various ages (two women and three men), props and costumes must be precise but inventive and the set will need engineering and construction talent with lots of muscle to put it all in place!

Auditions will take place after the curtain comes down on King Lear but rehearsals will not begin until the new year when we all feel rested and restored.  A play reading will be arranged before auditions or scripts will be available for you to read at home if you prefer. 

More details will be available later but in the meantime, if you have any queries, you are welcome to call me on 01442 216557. Oh and . . . Does anyone have a tuba in their loft?

Well folks, that’s all for now.  We hope to bring you news of more events next time (yours truly is still hoping to try out the brand new Grove Theatre in Dunstable, and there is talk of a walk in lovely Ashridge), but till then, I look forward to an in-pouring of subs and committee volunteers!