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Following the AGM, quite a few activities have kicked off, so this Newsletter is appearing more quickly than usual to ensure everyone knows what is going on before the summer lull.

Players Picnic – Sunday 20th August

The picnic at Berkhamsted Castle has become an annual favourite, and this year is no exception!  “No need to book” – just turn up with your food and drink and any sporting equipment you fancy demonstrating your prowess with (boules, rounders etc.).  Last year we got evicted at 6pm (only because the castle was closing, I hasten to add), so we will start at 3pm this year – pitch up any time from then on.

At the AGM (of which more in a minute) it was suggested that the picnic might be expanded to a barbecue.  Unfortunately this wasn’t practical in the time available, but I would love to know whether people would be interested in a barbecue next year.  Suggestions for locations are welcome (Wendover Woods near Tring is one possibility), as are bright ideas for staying dry.  Please let me know if you would be interested in a 2007 BBQ.


Membership and subscriptions

If you have received this Newsletter electronically then you will already have been contacted about confirming your details and paying the 2006/7 subs.  (If you haven’t, this probably means that the details are wrong, so please drop Penny an E-mail!)  Please take a minute to check the info and send the form back with your cheque.  Keeping in touch with our members is one of our most important tasks (no members, no plays!) so we need to keep up to date, and of course subs are essential to our survival.  Thanks for your help.


Relatively Speaking

The dedicated cast for the Autumn production has already begun rehearsing, whilst all around them people swan off on holiday, so please consider supporting them by offering to help out in some capacity.  The producer is particularly keen to hear from anyone who is willing to do box office or front of house, and backstage help is never turned away.  If you can help, please contact or call him on 01923 265973.


AGM report

For those who couldn’t make it along on July 12th (shame on you!), I am enclosing the minutes of the AGM, concisely and wittily rendered by our wonderful minutes secretary Sarah Hooker.   Turn-out was good and discussion was extremely lively at times!  If you have any questions, a Committee member will be glad to try and elucidate the full meaning of all those innocent sentences.

The Committee is still looking for a chairperson (although it’s currently operating as a democracy, history shows that this may not be sustainable) and for other committee members.  The Players need you!  If you think that you could help out – even just on particular events – we’d be grateful to hear from you.  There are major events to be organised, and many hands make light work (as the old electrician’s saying goes).


Forthcoming Social Events

The very successful Christmas Curry is to be repeated on a date to be confirmed (er, likely to be near Christmas), and we are thinking about a Takeaway Party so people can mingle and let their hair down (not that we were shy in the Zeera last year…).  (Those who came last year and were pinned against the wall will know what I mean.)  Details will be available nearer the time, once the Autumn Production is safely under our belts.


There is lots of enthusiasm for a “big” social event such as a barn dance or ball, and the Committee will be turning its mind to organising that very soon.  This is likely to be a post-Christmas blues antidote.  If you have a great idea, let us know, and volunteers are also going to be needed.  Please don’t be shy about offering us your services.


…that’s all for now!

Hope to see you on Sunday 20th!