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Newsletter Archives - April 2006

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Hay Fever

All right! All right! All right! So the Rue St. Honoré doesn’t lead into the Place de la Concorde! What a palaver! Jane Sefton’s Scarlet Hispano has now swept out of town to rapturous applause.

Our recent romp through the roaring twenties, courtesy of Noël Coward and the Bliss family was great fun for all concerned – even the audience seemed to enjoy it, despite several unexpected lighting effects courtesy of the National Grid! Thanks are due to Pam Dawson and all the team. Particular mention should go to Phil Waine who worked so hard to assemble a truly magnificent set of props, but missed the performances due to work commitments. However, his right hand man, Ian Chantrell, ably assisted by the lovely Jill,  made sure things went well on the night(s). Mike and Alan’s set was well up to the usual high standard and Tony and William handled the technical side of things with aplomb, including the power fluctuations mentioned above. All of which meant that those of us in the cast, as a great man once said, had merely to speak the words and avoid bumping into the furniture! Congratulations to debutant William Lovett, who gave a “ripping” performance, Scott and Sarah in their first major speaking parts with us and to all the cast, both ingénue and veteran, who were, as David would say, “absolutely marvellous!”

Murder Mystery Evening

After two highly successful forays into this format, which became a touring production last year, we shall be staging a third Murder mystery on May 20, with the possibility of further performances at different venues. These shows have proved highly popular with both audiences and cast in the past and are a great way to get involved, as there are relatively few lines to learn and you can usually ham it up outrageously.

Auditions will be held at the Memorial Hall on Wednesday, April 12. Claudia Aliffe will be directing, assisted by her husband, Andy. At this stage, I don’t know which play they’ve chosen, but it will follow the same format as the other two, so we shall probably be looking for a mixed cast of about ten people. No experience necessary!

So don’t forget – Wednesday 12 April at 8pm at the Hall. Come along and have a laugh!

A Murder is Announced (very shortly!)

Robert and Penny, whom you will recall from “Sherlock” (the explosively-Scottish villain McTavish, and the ever-persistent sales advisor Mrs Evans), are currently involved in a production of Agatha Christie’s “A Murder is Announced” at Berkhamsted Civic Centre.  Robert, who is directing, tells us there are still tickets available for those who would like to see the show, which runs on 30, 31 March and April 1. A group are going on the Thursday if you’d care to join them! The Box Office number is 01442 394363.

Players apparel

Just a reminder that Sarah is organising new polo, rugby and sweatshirts in the Bovingdon colours, to replace your faded old ones, or add to your collection.  We have changed our supplier and are now getting the shirts from TSE in Bovingdon.

The shirts will be black with a yellow embroidered logo and the quality is jolly good (if you are desperate for a colour other than black this can be arranged).

Prices as follows:

  • Rugby Shirts - £18

  • Sweat Shirts - £14

  • Polo Shirts - £9.50

Please e-mail Sarah ( your orders (type of shirt and size – S, M, L, XL) and send her a cheque made payable to The Bovingdon Players for the appropriate amount.   Post to: 13 Howard Agne Close, Bovingdon, HP3 0EQ

Autumn Production & Beyond…

Although we’re getting closer to finalising plans for the next 12 months, we’d still like to hear from potential directors and producers, or receive suggestions for plays we could do. We will definitely be returning to the Festival circuit this time next year, however, although this will be slightly smaller than before with the sad news that the Letchworth Festival (the traditional season-opener) will be no more, due to dwindling entries. Always one of the more interesting venues (e.g. you couldn’t see the stage from the lighting box!) it was still worth a visit as a warm-up to the Watford festival.


We would love to welcome more people to the happy throng that is ‘the committee’. Unfortunately, for varying good reasons, some of our current number are unable to remain involved, so there is room for new recruits! Please take this as an open invitation – we know everyone has something to offer the group so have a chat with one of us if you want to know more.

Also, Iain is nearing the end of his 3rd term which, as we all know, is when things start getting a bit sleazy (though not nearly sleazy enough, Iain complains) and a change of leadership is due. As with most committees it is good to change things around regularly, so if anyone fancies the whiff of power (or is that just the Brylcreem in Mr Greatham’s hair?!), have a chat with Iain about it.

Future Newsletters

Friends, this will be the last Newsletter to go to the Yahoo group as well as the Bovingdon members’ list.  Some families are receiving three or four copies between them and need a break from all the excitement, so this is your last chance to tell Penny ( your E-mail address if you are only on the Yahoo group – otherwise you will miss out on all the fun from now on!

…and that’s it for now!

But if you have any ideas for social events, shows or events, drop us a line!

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