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This is a page about our Members. Where possible, I've managed to find photos of Members on this page and some information about them. If YOU are on this page and want to send me a different photo or update  the information on you, please send it to me here.




Sean has been with BP since 2009 when at 17 he made his first appearance on stage as Billy in the Cripple of Inishmaan, the following year Sean was cast as Michael in the award winning festival production of Moonshine, which he was nominated for Best Young Actor!  Since then Sean has gone on to perform in many more shows for BP including Eric in An Inspector Calls, Charles in Cold Comfort Farm, Cam in Jumpy and most recently as Tom in Table Manners, Sean's finest moment with BP is receiving an award for his performance of a Dead Body in Out of Order. 

After appearing in 11 shows in 6 years Sean decided to make his debut at Directing for the Players. After much consideration the play chosen was Derek Benfields brilliant farce, Wild Goose Chase. Sean looks forward to performing and potentially directing for BP for many years to come.


Christina was an active member of the Young Bovingdon Players as a child,  playing  in a  host of productions,  the most memorable and successful being that of Toad in  “  Wind and the Willows ,Toad of Toad Hall”  and a Phoenix in Dandelion Time.

Work experience as a teen continued to demonstrate Christina’s interest in films and production being fortunate to spend 2 awesome weeks at Pinewood Film Studios!!

After years of Uni and travel and work abroad, Christina returned to the Bovingdon Players assisting Robert Peacock as Director’s Assistant in comedies such as Fete worse than Death and Out of Order in the last few years.In 2013, Christina played Jan a fishwife who discovers a fondness for the taste of champagne and most recently, Countess di Monay in Aint You Got no Holmes to go to.


William's first adventure with the Bovingdon Players was working on Sherlock Follow That Sleigh. Since then he has been a regular on our back stage crew. 

He has worked with many local groups but likes to think of Bovingdon as his home group. He is already looking forward to his next show with us. His dad Andy, joined us for King Lear after being volunteered by William. This was his dad's first appearance on the stage in 25 years.


Having first performed for the Players only recently as Sandy Tyrell in Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever” Will looked forward to taking a major role as Greg in Relatively Speaking. 

He has played a selection of characters in the past in plays such as “Macbeth” and “Julius Caesar” but is pleased to try more comedy.  “Relatively Speaking” certainly offered hilarious characters and Will hoped to entertain you by bringing his own eccentricities to Greg


Patricia began acting in France at the age of 14 before moving to England to study Performing Arts and Media Entertainment. 

She joined the Players as Lydia in Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons.  She followed this as the Ghost of Christmas Past and choreographer in the musical “Scrooge”, Shelby in “Steel Magnolias” and Sorel Bliss in “Hay Fever”. 

In 2005 she produced the Young Bovingdon Players show “The Lord of the Flies”.


Martin’s first adventure with the Bovingdon Players was playing Dennis Wicksteed in Habeas Corpus (March 2007). 

After this initiation by fire, he is looking forward to more fun with us again (hopefully playing someone a bit more macho!).


Having performed with the Bovingdon Players eight times in the youth section and family shows, Habeas was Laura’s first adults-only play.  What an initiation - her first stage kiss, minimal clothing and playing a blonde bombshell! 

She said she loved the challenge and looks forward to many more. (Challenges or stage kisses? Probably both!)


Habeas Corpus was Adam’s second production with the Bovingdon Players, following the 2006 summer’s Production 'A Taste for Murder'. 

We saw Adam do things on stage we certainly haven’t seen before, but he claims that Habeas was one of the most fun productions he had ever been involved with. 


After an 11-year rest, having directed and acted in an impressive 17 previous productions with the Bovingdon Players, Lionel is back in fine form, not only flinging himself with abandon into his part in Habeas Corpus but also preparing to direct King Lear with us in November 2007.


Imogen was Director of Relatively Speaking, but welcomed the chance to return to the limelight playing Muriel Wicksteed in Habeas Corpus. 

Before that Imogen was seen as another overbearing character - Judith in Hay Fever (coincidence, surely…)


Before playing Mrs Swabb in Habeas Corpus, Barbara performed for Bovingdon Players last as Mrs Hudson in the pantomime Sherlock, Follow that Sleigh! and came back for 'Habeas' despite having to juggle rehearsals with professional drama school classes. 

Her previous outings with us include In the Blinking of an Eye, A Tomb With a View, People Like Us, Cinderella and Steel Magnolias.


Habeas Corpus was Ian’s first play with the Bovingdon Players.  During rehearsal, he has become very attached to his part - Cannon Throbbing. He is sure that whatever happened on the ten twenty-six was a big misunderstanding!


Sally started acting with Tring Festival Company as a child and toured the country with the National Youth Music Theatre, including performing in the Edinburgh Festival. 

She has appeared in many productions with Pendley Theatre Company as well playing Angela in Abigail’s Party and Annelle in Steel Magnolias with Bovingdon Players.


John, decided after thirty years playing amateur football, that a new interest beckoned, believing am/dram to be less physically demanding (deluded fool!). It certainly requires many of the same attributes as sport: preparation, teamwork, intense practice, and a large amount of deception.  Typecast roles followed: a Riff/French Legionnaire in Desert Song, Rattlesnake in Calamity Jane, and Tin Man in Wizard of Oz and a Beefeater in Yeoman.

Having decided that the average play didn’t cater to a representative am/dram membership, i.e. not enough female or mature roles, he wrote and directed two musical shows: Play a Simple Melody, a biography of Irving Berlin and Sing If You Dare, 1930’s depression/gangsters ‘Fred & Ginger meet Jimmy Cagney’. 

Leaping at the chance to work with BP, he wrote and directed ‘Sherlock’ (the panto) and even got to perform his own composition ‘The Hogpits Bottom Song’ (sometimes even remembering the words).


Brenda’s talents have taken her to such renowned venues as the Albert Hall, Vienna Opera House and the Welsh Eisteddfod. Originally a singer, she has studied with a sublime ex-Covent Garden singer onto the ‘cor blimey boyo’ jazz singer, Ian Shaw (currently Charlotte Church’s vocal coach), finally embracing drama during a “mid-life crisis”.

She appeared in Carmen, The Mikado and The Yeoman of the Guard with Loughton Operatic, nipping backstage to produce two shows for them – but still got a song (a girl has got to have some perks) in two musicals she wrote with her husband to be.

Other shows included Dick Whittington and playing Marie Lloyd and Vera Lynn in Music Hall.  Co-author and Producer of B.P.’s 2005 Christmas Show ‘Sherlock, Follow That Sleigh’. Brenda says ‘it was the most hectic three months, but working with Bovvy Players was a joy from start to finish’.


Robert Peacock is a relatively new member of Bovingdon Players.  He lives in Berkhamsted with his lovely wife Penny and two cats and by day he works for the Home Office.  Robert has acted and directed in a variety of theatres over the years that include the less fashionable parts of the West End and Broadway.  After studying acting in London, he shunned the meagre prospects of performing for money and became a small but busy cog in the whirling machine of civil service amateur dramatics where he has played innumerable leading and supporting roles and directed a wide range of plays. 

His favourite roles have been the Creature in Frankenstein and Van Helsing in Dracula.  Soon after joining the Bovingdon Players, Robert appeared in the 2005 production Sherlock, Follow that Sleigh!   In 2006 he directed A Murder is Announced in Berkhamsted. 

He subsequently featured in A Taste for Murder and Relatively Speaking in 2006. Most recently he made a small but revealing appearance in Habeas Corpus where the challenge of upstaging all the falling trousers required drastic measures.


Penny Coombs joined the Bovingdon Players in late 2005 to take on the rare role of a Victorian vacuum-cleaner saleswoman in Sherlock, Follow that Sleigh! 

Penny has had a colourful stage career which as often as not involved her playing various sorts of criminal and being murdered in increasingly violent ways, although she escaped this fate in 2006’s A Taste for Murder where she was guilty only of looking like a cutting room floor extra from Charlie’s Angels. 

Penny has also performed in more respectable roles by the likes of Alan Ayckbourn and Tom Stoppard, and directed Ayckbourn's Taking Steps for a previous group in 2003. 

She lives in Berkhamsted with her lovely husband Robert and two cats and works as a project manager.  Penny is also on the Bovingdon Players Committee as Membership Secretary.


Father of 2 great boys, Iain is employed as an electronics engineer. Iain has over 18 years (man and boy!) experience in Amateur Dramatics: his “career” has encompassed playing such diverse roles as pantomime dame, A budgie and giant – anyone who saw his ugly sister in Cinderella will agree Iain makes a great dame!

Iain was nominated for best actor as Budgie in the SW Herts Festival, 1990.

Iain says his finest hour has to be performing a headstand in Blue Remembered Hills – without falling over!

And another things, Iain, for his sins, is the current Chairman of the Bovingdon Players


Married to Graham and Mother to 2 year-old Ben, Marie is a PR Consultant. Marie too is not a stranger to the “Bovingdon Boards” – her debut being Joey the Clown in Goldilocks and The Three Bears, back in 1995. Since then she has appeared Habeaus Corpus, Confusions, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Oliver, Confusions and Abigail’s Party.

Marie particularly enjoyed being in the Festival tour for Abigail’s Party in which she played Angie – winning best the best actress award at the Thurrock Festival.

Marie’s love of comedy stems from her days at Drama School (a long, long time ago) where she was given the coveted Best Comedy Actress award on graduation. Marie says her finest hour has to be giving birth to Ben on the same day as moving house!!!! (thanks to fellow Bovingdon Players, Anneli and Paul it wasn’t a total disaster!)

And another thing… Marie has kissed Michael Heseltine!!!!


John is an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers and is the newest member of the Bovingdon Players; answering our call for help in the Watford Observer. And we are so pleased he did… not only is John a superb pianist but is great fun to have around. John’s experience includes attending the NODA summer school and Musical Director for PWC’ pantomime tour.

John is also Assistant Musical Director with PWC’s annual Christmas Panto staged in a West End Theatre for children from Inner Cities.

He is also their Musical Director and Roadie when touring Ireland. John says his finest hour has to be seeing 900 kids (and their teachers) dancing in the aisles to “Tragedy” – after they experienced theatre for the first time!

And another thing John would love to MD a musical – and maybe one day to get a residency in a piano bar!


Father of two (wonderful little girls) Andrew works as a Marketing Manager in the travel business. Not a stranger to the “Bovingdon Boards” having appeared in, amongst other productions, Alice in Wonderland and Abigail’s Party.

Andrew says his finest hour is usually the “Happy Hour” at the Royal Oak!!!

And another thing…Andrew’s character Lawrence “died” during the Festival Tour of Abigail’s Party. Let’s hope he has more luck with Jarvis!!!


Pam is a retired teacher - and now an aspiring artist! Pam has over 30 years “am-dram” experience, appearing in too many productions to name individually! Pam has also directed for the Bovingdon Players several times, once for their entry into the Watford Festival. Pam says her finest hour has to be playing Puck in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

And another thing… Pam is the only granny in the Bovingdon Players!

And another another thing!!!! Pam has actually trodden the hallowed boards of the National Theatre – with Sir Ian McKellan, but she doesn’t think he noticed! (surely not Pam!)


Nicky is one of those jobs we all envy – make-up artist to the stars! Regular “Bovingdon Players theatre goers” will recognise Nicky – she has an amazing record with us. Nicky has appeared in a raft of different productions including Twelfth Night, Abigail’s Party All My Sons, Me and My Friend, The Song of Louise in the Morning, Tomb with a view.. Etc etc..

Nicky has won many awards on the Festival Circuit; Best Actress for Mary (Eternal Triangle), Beverley (Abigail’s Party), Louise (The Song of Louise in the Morning), Elizabeth (Laundry in Bourbon), Deborah (A Kind of Alaska), Hanah Mae (A couple of White Chicks Sitting Around Talking)

Nicky says her finest hour has to be winning Best Actress twice in this year’s All England Festival for Robin in Me and My Friend (with Imogen Roberts) and winning the British All Winners Festival.

And another thing… as a make up artist Nicky gets up close and personal with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Sting – she says her make up brushes are in a glass case!!


Mother of 2, not so little, boys, Liz is employed as a Primary School Secretary. Liz is another member of the cast who I’m sure will be easily recognised by regular Bovingdon Player supporters. Liz not only acts, but also directs, works back stage, in fact – she says you name it – she’s done it!!! (On stage only!)

Liz has also won awards on the Festival Circuit. Liz has 3 finest hours…. Directing - Birdsong, Acting – Angela in Blue Remembered Hills and Backstage – Pulling the curtains for A Kind of Alaska.

And another thing – Liz was a member of a short-lived but infamous (at least in West Herts) Abba Tribute band… which member was she? Answers on a postcard please!!!


Anna is employed as a Facilities Manager.

Anna will be another familiar face for regular Bovingdon Players supporters. Anna has appeared in, Man in A Bowler Hat, Oliver, Tomb with a View and a Chinese Pendant. Anna describes her finest hour as dying at the end of Act 1 in Tomb with a View – at least it meant less rehearsals!

And another thing Anna is a walking European Community…. part Polish, part Austrian, part Italian etc etc!!!!




Photo needed



Married to the lovely Judy Peter has 2 children, Employed as a Shipping Agent Peter is very familiar with the joys of the M25! Peter started his theatrical career here in Bovingdon appearing as a clown in Goldilocks and The Tree Bears. Peter has also acted in Neville’s Island, The Crucible, Confusions, Cinderella, Mrs Cage, Oliver and Habeas Corpus.

Peter describes his finest hour as “hanging around in Habeas Corpus!”

And another thing Peter has been known to do the odd striptease – when plied with enough alcohol!


Birju is 21 and is currently studying Psychology and Counselling at Roehampton University and is loving every minute of it! His ambition is to one day become a counsellor as he has a passion for helping people get the best out of themselves. His best production for the players so far has been being the assistant director to Stewart Woodward in Habeas Corpus - He prefers the acting though! Scrooge was his first 'appearance' outside of school where he was involved in numerous plays though, His best one is "Hunting the Haggis" where he played a Japanese man (If you'd seen him on the night, you'd have come to the conclusion that he cannot do Japanese accents!) - HIS words.

He has been interested in acting ever since he was 13. Birju says his finest hour had to be when he scored the winning goal at his old school in the house cup final with 1 minute left! They ended up winning the game 3-2!

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