May 2010 Production

A Fête Worse Than Death

21st / 22nd May 2010

This Summer, we put on another murder mystery evening with support from some of the other local organisations, to help raise some money towards the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall. In keeping with this theme, the play was…

A Fête Worse Than Death

It is set at a village fête so there will be some opportunities to include some stalls to raise a little bit more cash and involve other groups, including catering for the evening.

Here’s the blurb: In the sleepy village of Littlehampton, Mary Smallpiece, the vicar’s wife, enlists the help of retired GP Harriet Ffinch to organise a fete to raise money for the Church Roof (we might change that!). Moreover, she also persuades her husband Humphrey to do a sponsored abseil down the church tower, aided by her brother Staff Sergeant Marsh of the local Army Cadets. But in a village where everyone knows everyone and everyone has something to hide, is the vicar safe or is he letting himself in for a fall...?


The cast will be:-

•     Andrew Jamieson - Humphrey Smallpiece, the vicar

•     Penny Coombs - Mary Smallpiece, his wife

•     Jean Fiori-McPhee - Florence Smallpiece, the postmistress

•     John Downs - S/Sgt. Marsh of the local Army Cadet Force

•     Caroline Keen - Tracey Morton, a celebrity come to open the fête

•     Adam Briffett - James Troughton, a journalist

•     Jeff Prestedge - John Forshaw, a local farmer and councillor

•     Ben Hooker - Sgt Foot of the local constabulary

•     Liz Lewis - Dr Harriet Ffinch, retired GP and keen amateur sleuth

This time around, we are hoping to enlist the help of some of the other users of the Memorial Hall as this event is a fund-raiser to help towards some of the Hall’s refurbishment plans. The story takes place at a village fête, so we want to create some genuine atmosphere with a few stalls and decorations as well as catering for the audience.


The cast has been chosen and rehearsals are now under way. If you would like to help out, whether backstage or in the general organising, please let me know.


Here are some of the many jobs that need to be filled:-


•     Fête atmosphere creation squad – several people needed, including liaising with other Hall user groups, plus Head of Bunting (!)

•     Costumes

•     Props

•     Publicity

•     Box Office (Jill cannot do it this time around)

•     Designing and printing poster/programmes/flyers/clue sheets and question sheets

•     Setting, stage management, lighting and sound will be managed by our usual team, but additional help is always welcome


Please get in touch ASAP if you would like to get involved in these or other ways.



07905 512258