November 2011 Production

by Paul Doust
adapted from the novel by Stella Gibbons.


The orphan Flora Poste, heroine of the piece, likes everything to be tidy, pleasant and comfortable. When she comes to live with eccentric relatives at Cold Comfort Farm in Howling, Sussex, she attempts to alter their muddled and muddified surroundings and encourage the motley collection that is her extended farmyard family to clean up their acts, and reach for their respective stars. This will not be easy! Her insane Grandmother Doom, who once saw ‘something narsty in the woodshed’, has a vice-like grip on the occupants of the farm. So… who will win the battle of the pitchforks? Will the poetic dryad, Elfine, be whisked into the arms of the handsome local gentry? Will the ‘mollocking’ Seth fulfil his dream of becoming a 1930s matinee idol? Will the evangelizing Amos tour the country (‘as the apostles of old’) preaching hell-fire and damnation from the platform of a nice old tricycle, and will poor daft Rennet stop throwing herself down the well?


This hilarious play was performed at the Bovingdon Memorial Hall, High Street Bovingdon, Herts on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th November 2011.

Cast List

Flora Poste

Laura Moore

Judith Starkadder

Imogen Roberts

Elfine Starkadder

Lamorna Hooker

Ada Doom

Barbara Bonney


Liz Lewis

Reuben Starkadder

Ben Hooker

Amos Starkadder

Robert Peacock

Urk Starkadder

Michael Sweitochowski

Adam Lambsbreath

Iain King

Seth Starkadder

Mark Waghorn

Mrs Hawk-Monitor

Penny Coombs

Richard Hawk-Monitor

Andy Lloyd


Robert Peacock

Earl Neck 

Andrew Jamieson


Sean Chalkwright

Jacob Starkadder

Max Waghorn

Dandelion Starkadder

Maya Waghorn

Mark Starkadder

Ben Fuller

Charlotte Starkadder

Charlotte Fuller

The Chorus/Brethren

Sue Tubb, Marie Fuller, Pam Dawson, Jan Burrows, Anna Murkowski,
John Godfrey, Sean Chalkwright, Andy Lloyd, Michael Sweitochowski