November 2005 Production

Sherlock, follow that Sleigh !

 ..was our Christmas Show in 2005. Written, directed and produced by John and Brenda Bugg, who have in the past written and produced successful shows for Loughton Operatic Society, when they lived in Essex.

Cast Descriptions here

This tale, a fun show with an exciting perilous climax, features the Great Detective, Sherlock Holmes and his colleague, Doctor Watson, who have been engaged by the great Music hall star, Miss Marie Lloyd, to track down the abductor of Father Christmas. It is a trail never before trodden by Holmes (or indeed, many other people), leading from Baker Street to the North Pole, and then on to our own dear Bovingdon, encountering Polar Bears, Penguins, and the mysterious Television Studio at the North Pole (this is 1894, remember), where they have to engage in game shows to extract clues.

Meanwhile back at 221b Baker Street, Holmes’s housekeeper, Mrs Hudson is having to deal with explosives, deadly serpents, and most tenacious of all, a door-to-door saleslady.

We also meet two boisterous Hertfordshire locals, a poetic Fairy having trouble with her rhymes, a surprised theatre audience, Holmes’s long-lost love, and his worst nemesis -the dreaded  Professor … (I can say no more), except  that… The crime is far worse than mere abduction, however, and will need all the intelligence and hard work of the audience to deduce and defuse the solution – without them, the British Empire, the whole celebration of  Christmas, and  worst of all, Bovingdon High Street, are doomed.

With old Music Hall melodies of the era, familiar to us all, plus three original comedy numbers, there is opportunity for the songsters among us to exercise their lungs. The audience are encouraged to give us the traditional cries of  “Oh, No He Didn’t !”, “Behind You!”, and join in with the singing. You may think this is enough for one evening’s entertainment.

We don’t however, for we go one better, and describe the subtle nostalgic charm of the local hamlet of Hogpits Bottom in rustic song.

CAST Descriptions

Sherlock Holmes

A Consulting Detective

John Watson, MD

His colleague and diarist

Mrs Harriet Hudson

Holmes’ Housekeeper

Miss Marie Lloyd

A Victorian young Barbara Windsor

Jacqui Frost

A sparkling, poetic fairy

Prof. Moriarty

The World’s, cleverest, evilest Criminal


His less clever accomplice

Irene Adler

A noble woman – lead astray

3 Bears

Of the Polar Variety

2 Penguins

Of the North Pole Variety

Father Christmas

A genial bringer of gifts

Mrs. Mary Christmas

His wife, less gifted

Mrs Alice Evans

A Consumer Market researcher, and NOT a Saleslady

Groucho Marx

Yes, him, without his brothers


The sort of woman Groucho likes to consort with

Wizard Sprightly

A popular gameshow host

Carol Borderline

A woman of letters

9 Reindeers

No longer lost


A Hertfordshire Countryman


His unlearned colleague

A “Plant”

In the audience, and NOT an aspidistra

Various Londoners


Various Hertfordshire Villagers