May 2004 Production

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by Gary Simpson

AUDITIONS: Wednesday 21st APRIL, 8:15 Bovingdon

PERFORMANCE: Saturday 22nd MAY, 8:00 Bovingdon

In the 1920s, An ancient Egyptian curse returns to haunt the jinxed Willoughby family, holders of the famed Willoughby Diamond...

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Dramatis Personae


How it works

Cast List

Lady Constance Willoughby. 65: Widow of the famous explorer Sir Royston Willoughby, who recently died in mysterious circumstances...

Daphne Willoughby. 46: Flighty, scatter-brained daughter of Lady Constance. Unable to cope psychologically with her father’s death, she faints every time his name is mentioned...

Colonel Montgomery Willoughby. 60: Younger brother of Sir Royston, he shared many of his experiences, including his wife...

Alice Boardman : The maid who hides more than her share of disgraceful secrets...

Potts, 70: The faithful gardener. His devotion through the years to the Willoughby family is only matched by his deafness...

Abdul el-Jahaj, 50: The mysterious Egyptian manservant whose life was saved by Sir Royston during a fated Egyptian expedition...

Rupert Bonnington-Smythe, 20: The young man who wins the heart of Daphne Willoughby, but can’t find her brains...

Inspector Foot of the Yard, a keen enthusiast who comes to the auction of the famed Willoughby Diamond and ends up investigating not one murder, but three... Small part in the show but acts as compere – mainly  for the questioning.

Following the auditions, the following Members have been cast thus:

Potts Adrian White
Alice Boardman Patricia Choffel
Colonel Montgomery Willoughby Philip Waine
Lady Constance Willoughby Anna Murkowski
Daphne Willoughby Liz Lewis
Abdul el-Jahaj John Godfrey
Rupert Bonnington-Smythe Jeff Prestedge
Inspector Foot of the Yard Iain King


Rehearsals were Wednesdays (8:00) and Thursdays (8:30) in the Hall (except for 12th May).


How the evening worked

A detailed description of how the evening works is available from the Murdernight website

However, in summary, it worked like this:

·       Audience are seated round tables in teams of 6

·       The play is performed (about 30 minutes), during which…

·       …someone dies! Inspector Foot of the Yard arrives to take charge.

·       Break for Food (bring your own Food, Drink, plates etc.) & Raffle

·       Cast returns on stage for questioning by the audience

·       Teams submit their answers (Who, Why & How Dunnit)

·       Break for coffee (this will be available in the Hall)

·       Prize to winning team(s)

·       Additional clues will be provided during the evening

The main idea was for the evening to be a Social event for the Players and their friends. As a result it was not be advertised it outside the group, and we only charged enough to cover costs - £5 per ticket.

For more information see the Murdernight website or contact Iain on 01923 265973

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